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Cornwall Marine Directory

Fishing in Cornwall

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Whether you want to charter a fishing boat with a skipper, take your own boat out in search of dinner, go angling, of help your children go crabbing off the quay, Cornwall is the place that you can make it happen.


Here are some Boat Hire/Charter businesses in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly...

- Bennett Boatyard                              - Mylor Boat Hire
- Bryher Boat Services                         - Roseland Paddle and Sail
- Cornish Cruising                               - Kernow Charters
- Loe Beach Watersports Centre          - Swan Yacht Charters


Charter Fishing



For anglers in search of a more serious catch there are opportunities to charter a local boat with a knowledgeable skipper and the latest in electronic fish finding equipment. Not only will you be able to enjoy the relaxation of a day out on the sea in a comfortable, modern fishing boat, you will have the excitement of pursuing some of Cornwall's most excellent deep-water species. A catch here will definitely impress anyone you left ashore enjoying the hospitality of land-based amusements in your absence.


Booking your own charter takes all the fuss out of planning your trip. A well organised charter company can take care of everything you need, leaving you to worry about only one thing - catching that monster fish that's going to remind you of your fantastic fishing trip in Cornwall.


You will also have the excitement charged fun of having your own challenge - landing a big fish. But with an experienced boat crew helping you to land your fine specimen.


Fishing for Food


It's hard to match the relaxation of sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean with the lapping waves below you, seeing if Nature is in the mood for providing your dinner. Sea angling, in its most basic form, is a cheap and easy way to spend time close to the water, enjoying all that goes with the marine environment, waving to the passing boats in between catching some great fish for tea.


food1Anglers are secure in the knowledge that not only have you had a great day out, you have also managed to get what feels like free food - no supermarket packaging and it hasn't been driven up and down the country before it gets to you. This is nature at its purest and best.


Not to rub it in - but if you don't catch anything - food2Cornwall is always there to help out with some great seafood restaurants to provide inspiration for the next time. On days when the fish are really not biting, there is always the tidal gallery of the National Maritime Museum, where at high tide you can look out through glass windows under water to see the fish cleaning the bottoms of boats and marine life wandering around the sea floor.



Leisure/Family Fishing



Taking the kids fishing? For those who enjoy the organisation and have less ambitious fish to catch - there is always the option of hiring a small boat to skipper yourself. And who knows, towing a line of mackerel feathers can have amazing results.


Why not go crabbing... there is plenty of excitement to be had for all the family, on the many Piers and Quays in Cornwall.




1)      Find a small netted bag (washing
         machine powder bag) 

2)      Any left-over meat products such as
         bacon or chicken, place inside the bag

3)      Attach the bag securely to a long piece of

4)      Then throw over the side of the pier/quay... and wait

5)      Now see what you may have pulled up

Marine Search

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--- knots

Field Value
Report Time
Wind Chill13°C
Dew Point---°C
Wind Direction---
Variable Wind---/---
Wind Speed--- knots
Wind Gust--- knots
Visibility--- km
Pressure--- mbar
Hum. Index-2.2°C
Heat Index---°C
Precipitation--- mm
Snow--- mm
Take only photos, leave only footprints or the gentle wake of a boat
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